"Russian Affair"

Альбом "Russian Affair" изданный лейблом АртБит, представляет импровизационную музыку с участием немецкой группы VocColours и российских музыкантов Алекеся Круглова, Романа Столяра, Олега Юданова и Андрея Разина.
01. Tender Noise (25:08)
02. The Tale of little Zwrgnhrz (2:31)
03. Happy End (6:05)
Bonus track:
04. The Beginning (8:53)

Total time 42:37

Music by VocColours (1-4), Alexey Kruglov (1,3), Roman Stolyar (1,3), Oleg Yudanov (1,3), Andrei Razin (4)

VocColours (1-4): Norbert Zajac, Brigitte Küpper, Gala Hummel, Iouri Grankin - voices
Alexey Kruglov (1-3) - alto sax, zurna, alto sax mouthpiece, prepared alto sax
Roman Stolyar (1-3) - piano, prepared piano, flutes
Oleg Yudanov (1-3) - drums, percussion
Andrei Razin (4) - piano

Leo Feigin - MC (1)

Tracks 1-3 were recorded on October 16, 2015 at The 4th Leo Records Festival in Russia at Cultural Centre Dom in Moscow by Maxim Khaikin. Mixed by Alexander Mikhlin. Track 4 was recorded on May 2, 2012 in Loft, Cologne, Germany by Stefan Deistler. Mixed by Stefan Deistler.

Mastering - Alexander Mikhlin

Produced by Nikolay "Big Nik" Bogaichuk, Alexey Kruglov, Iouri Grankin
Photos by Andrei Gerasimenko, Bernhard Gehrke 
Design by Alexander Medvedev
The picture "Starry Nights" by Ramani Narayan is on the front cover

Russian Affair presents several tracks recorded by the German vocal quartet
VocColours in collaboration with famouse Russian free-jazz musicians. It is a
great honour for us to release this album where you can listen to the fragements of
two different performances. The recording represents an ever-changing mosaic
of forms connecting classical and modern music, free-jazz and improv music.
We hope you enjoy the blend of German and Russian musical art! ArtBeat Music

Special thanks to The Goethe Institut, Leo Feigin, Ramani Narayan and Andrei Gerasimenko!
Special thanks from VocColours to Alexey Kruglov for organization and inviting the ensemble to perform at the Leo Records Festival in Russia!
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